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A History of Innovation

    Chalthan has consistently stayed ahead of its peers through home-grown technology and innovation.


   As a company that has always prided itself as a 'cutting-edge technology company', Simbhaoli has notched up an impressive string of 'innovations'.
   Chalthan was the second sugar mill in western Uttar Pradesh to introduce mechanical loading of sugarcane, which led to even feeding and higher boiler efficiency.
   When its expansion plans hit a road block due to shortage of power, shortage of centrifugals was overcome by introducing single curing. This unleashed dormant capacity without incurring any additional expense.
   The Company also pioneered automatic cane weighing, and computerized the whole system of cane indenting and payments way back in the early 80s.
   Then, timers were put on belt-driven centrifugal machines to control losses and increase production. Significantly, automation was introduced in the boiler system.
   But one of its path-breaking innovations was in sugar refining when it replaced the conventional double sulphitation manufacturing process with the revolutionary Defeco Remelt Phosphotation and Ion Exchange (DRPIE) technology. DRPIE is an internationally accepted refining process which eliminates the use of sulphur and other harmful chemicals. DRPIE sugar is 100 per cent pure EC grade (below 45 IU) sugar and sparkling white totally free from suspended solids and impurities.
   The latest example is the conversion of bagasse-fired or single-fuel boilers into multi-fuel ones. This simple innovation has given us the capability to process the raw sugar during the off season.


   In 2002, Chalthan pioneered the 'specialty sugar' segment in India. Simbhaoli introduced brown sugar, sugar cubes (white and brown), icing sugar, table sugar, breakfast sugar, candy sugar, pharma-grade sugar, sugar sachets and tubes - under the Trust brand name. New consumer packs (in different weight denominations) were introduced.


   In the 80s, Chalthan played a lead role in introducing COJ-64, a new sugarcane variety in western Uttar Pradesh. This wonder sugarcane seed had the highest sugar content compared to other varieties available at that time. COJ-64 earned the Company the goodwill of the farmers and led to a surge in cane development in the region. The Company benefited in another way - sugar recoveries went up significantly. Simbhaoli Sugars has introduced multi cropping in most of its command area. The Company is acting as facilitator for entire crop cycle for multiple crops and encourage the farmers to cultivate sugarcane with other crops. This will improve the Sugar content in the Sugarcane and shall improve the revenue for the farmers per unit area.
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